Friday, March 11, 2005

Search Engine Market To Consolidate In China

BEIJING, March 7 Asia Pulse - Search engine service providers launched a new round of attacks in the fiercely competing market yesterday - moves which could close the final stage of consolidations., the country's biggest search engine service provider, on Thursday held a Most Searched Brand and Entreprenuer award with Rupert Hoogewerf, CEO of EuroMoney China, trying to boost its influence among business leaders and young people.

According to an iResearch report on the Chinese search engine market, the business grew to 1.2 billion yuan (US$145 million) in 2004 with a 74 per cent year-on-year growth rate.

Baidu, Google and search services by Yahoo! China were the top three most popular search engines in 2004 with almost 85 per cent of the usage.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

China E-commerce - Online Payments - Search Engine Marketing

Although this blog is about global search engines, I ran across this excellent thread from Webmaster World Forum about e-commerce (Alibaba) and online payments(Alipay)in China. This fits well with the story below.

Earlier this year from Search Engine Lowdown some interesting predictions for China's Search Engine Market Growth
China is expecting strong growth in its search engine industry. The market is expected to grow at an annual speed of 60 - 70 per cent to hit 2.6 billion yuan by 2006.

Those are two interesting facts about e-commerce in China and the search engine market growth. Even more interesting is the fact that they are happening at the same time. E-commerce was established long before (in Internet time) the search engine market here in the US. We'll definitely keep a watch on this. I produced several e-commerce and online marketing seminars for MBA students in Beijing and Guangzhou from 2002 - 2004 that included search engine marketing. They all were certainly determined to make e-commerce work and I have no doubts they will.

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