Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Great Global Search Engine Blog - Multilingual Search

Here's a global search engine blog that really gets it. "Multilingual Search is the reference point on search engines and internet statistics worldwide for marketers working globally." Multilingual is really a better descriptor of global search engines because it takes into account the immigration or expatriate factor. A Russian speaker in the US might use Yandex for their search or a Chinese speaker in Australia may use Baidu. This blog has 11 contributors who cover a variety of global search engines. Below some of the recent postings;

Marina Zaliznyak posts about, as she calls it, a cultural or linguistic domain name for Catalunya, a region in Spain. Very interesting read.

Nick Wilsdon posts on the Russian search engine Yandex exanding into the Ukraine.

Andy Atkins-Kr├╝ger, the managing editor, talks about Baidu allowing music downloading.

This is a great blog about global search engines and anyone who wants to follow the global search engine market should be a regular visitor. I know I will. dt

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