Saturday, October 15, 2005

Can the U.N. Rule the Internet?

At issue is who should have control over Internet traffic and domain name management. The Internet was developed in the US and is largely privately owned and operated as stated by U.S. State Department's David Gross and the U.N. should not take control of it. The European Union is pushing for this plan since they claim that no one country should have final authority of this global resource. dt

The World Wide Web (of Bureaucrats)? Keep Your U.N. Off My Internet
By Adam Thierer, Wayne Crews, Special To LTW

WASHINGTON, DC - Kofi Annan, Coming to a Computer Near You!

The Internet's long run as a global cyberzone of freedom - where governments take a "hands off" approach - is in jeopardy. Preparing for next month's U.N.-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society (or WSIS) in Tunisia, the European Union and others are moving aggressively to set the stage for an as-yet unspecified U.N. body to assert control over Internet operations and policies now largely under the purview of the U.S. In recent meetings, for an example, an EU spokesman asserted that no single country should have final authority over this "global resource." read more

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