Saturday, October 22, 2005


Shoutout to Shak, my favorite blogger of all time. Why? Well he's into SEM, lives in China, has a cool business card and a great blog. I hope to meet him when I'm in Shanghai next year. Wanna join me? Stay tuned.

A big shoutout to Nick Wilsdon from E3Internet and fellow contributing editor at who
passed on an seo map site from frapper, where you can map where you're from among the world's seos and give a shoutout.

Another shoutout to Nick and Cher. Nic'N'Cher are search engine marketeers based in Glasgow & Winnipeg who have a lot to say on all topics concerning SEM & SEO. I love their blog. They rant about Google here and add a personal touch like this post. Keep at it girls!

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